Who Exactly Is Keirenae ?

Greetings! My name is Keirenae Reeves and I am the President of Keirenae Hair and Body. Born in the quaint little; but flavorful town of Red Bank, New Jersey I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit and desire to want to help people. As I become older I found myself being drawn to products with a more natural base without unnecessary additives like Sodium laureth sulfate, alcohol or other phthalates.

I myself am a sufferer of dry skin and a lover of hair products that actually work!. That alone set me on the journey to create products using minimal ingredients that would be useful for myself, family, friends and others around me.

Thus Keirenae Hair and Body was born! We cater to the Urban-Savvy woman that is health conscience about  about what she uses on her hair and body.

We are a hair and body product care  and lifestyle company based in New Jersey. All of our products are hand made and crafted with love. Our products are intended to keep busy women smelling and feeling good! Made from natural and organic ingredients we care about what you use on your hair and body. 

It's all about your mood!

 We as women wear many hats and we never take time  out for ourselves. As a woman, I understand that our mood may change from day to day or even moment to moment. My  mood based products were meant to capture and caress a woman's mood at any given time. When  you use my products, I want you to live in the moment and own it!